Friendship Day 2017

Hello EED!
English Education Department had successfully held an annual event called Friendship Day 2017. It was well-known as the welcoming event for the first year students of English Education Department.  However, unlike the previous years, Friendship Day of this year was going to be held on 2 days. The first day of Friendship Day 2017 was conducted on Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 at Monumen Perjuangan Tri Yudha Sakti.  Coming with the theme “Unity in Diversity”, this amusing event had the aims to tighten the solidarity of EED’s Family among semesters and also to strengthen the bonds among students and lecturers.  Moreover,   there were 255 participants of this event which consisted of 253 freshmen and 2 students who did not join Friendship Day 2016. As on the side of the committee, this event was conducted by 145 committees from the fifth and the third semester under the supervision of Students’ Association of English Education Department.  The event was started with the opening ceremony by Dr. Dewa Putu Ramendra,S.Pd.,M.Pd.,the head of English Education Department. The event was later followed by Group Perfomances, Meet Your Lecturers, Sharing session, English Quiz, and Outbound.  Before leaving the place, both committees and participants blended together to form letter EED in front of the statues of the Tri Yudha Sakti. As the time went on, both were also engaged in the expressions of joy and friendliness in form of very energetic dance performed by both committees and the participants. This dance also remarked the end of the first day of Friendship Day 2017. Friendship Day 2017 would be continued on September 9th, 2017 at Gedung Kesenian Gde Manik with the agenda of the election of King & Queen of EED 2017. What a fascinating event!
Friendship Day 2017! Show Time!