Social Evening, Social Gathering 2017

Social Evening is the main and also the closing event of Social Gathering. This year’s Social Evening was held at (Nama Gedung) on Sunday, March 19th, 2017. The theme of this year’s Social Evening is One Oldies Night. The purpose of this event other than becoming an annual event of Social Gathering is to celebrate EED’s 50th birthday. This event was crowded by EED’s big family. All students and all lecturers of EED gathered around to witness EED’s biggest event with guest stars: The Catrolls and The hydrant. This year’s Social Evening was officially opened by (Wakil Rektor 4) with guitar playing continued by performances by each semester of EED. Started with Bali 50’s by 4th Semester continued with Fashion Dance, then, Elvis to Remember by 2nd Semester, Dilanku by 6th Semester. After each semester had delivered the performance, the event was continued with Lecturers’ Performance, Band Performance and EED 13. The Social Evening was finally closed by the guest stars, The Catrolls and The Hydrant. The preparation of this event took time more than a month, guided by Mrs. Dayu Istri and Mrs. Sintya.
Keep Shining all along, EED!
Socgath 2017!!! Golden Age!!!
EED!!! BRAVO!!!!
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