Pelatihan Kepemimpinan Tahun 2017

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017
Student’s Association of English Education Department period 2017/2018 held the Leadership Training (Pelatihan Kepemimpinan) at SPN Singaraja with the theme, “Membangun Jiwa Kepemimpinan Berkarakter Melalui Revolusi Mental”. There were 67 participants (including Student’s Association of English Education Department and delegations) that attended the leadership training. This event was started by praying together and continued by singing ‘Indonesia Raya’ and also Mars Undiksha, after that the chairman of the committee, Peri Andika Sandi gave his opening speech followed by another speech from the representative of SPN Singaraja and also from the counselor of student affairs of Student’s Association of English Education Department representative, Mr. Anak Agung Gde Yudha Paramartha, S.Pd, M.Pd. The counselor of student affairs officially opened the Leadership Training by knocking the gong 3 times.
 The Leadership Training was continued to the Leadership Seminar. The first material that presented by Mr. Nyoman Suwija, S.Sos was about how to develop the leadership through The 4Ms (Man, Money, Material, Method) by principled “Betah” (Bersih, Transparant, Akuntabel, Humanis) and always use the magic words (help, thank you and sorry) in the leadership. In his lecture, he stated that to become a professional leader we cannot be an AIDS (Angkuh, Iri, Dengki, Serakah), so we have to be humble and fair to everyone
The conclusion that we can take from this seminar is that leadership is an art to persuade people to achieve the goals together.
The second session was outbond activity , it held in PSN’s field at two pm and was led by instructors. The filled with some games. All of the games were followed by three groups.   The first game was ‘bakiak’ competition.  The second game was ‘goyang bola’ competition. The last game was ‘menyebrangi lautan asam’. The aims of those games were to train discipline,  honesty, cooperation in each group.The next event was the evaluation from the intructors of the games, and delivered the winner of the games. The last event was closing session. This event was filled by giving the charter for the instructors then giving the prizes to the winner. The next was delivered of impressions and messages from representative of participants,  instructor, and from Mr.Yudha as student counselors as well as closing all the event formally