Oct 23

English Journalism Workshop 2016


On Sunday, the 23rd October 2016, was held English Journalism Workshop which took place in Ruang Kuliah Gabung Kampus Bawah UNDIKSHA. This event, with the theme “Creativity without limit!”, is attended by representatives from each class in the English Education Department. English Journalism Workshop organized by the Students’ Association of English Education lasts for a day, divided into two sessions for the first and second speaker. The first speaker is Kadek Sonia Piscayanti, S.Pd., M.Pd. and The second speaker is Made Herry Sucahya, S.Pd. Through English Journalism Workshop, for the students who will pursue the world of journalism are expected to be a responsible journalist, made headlines accurately, objective and balanced in writing.


Oct 22

Opening Ceremony of English Week 2016



On Saturday, the 22nd of October 2016, Students Association of English Education Department held the opening ceremony of English Week 2016 at Wantilan Kampus Bawah UNDIKSHA. The theme of this event is IN HISTERIA (Increasing happiness, spirit, and creativity in all aspects). This year, English Week 2016 is divided into several events, such as Speech Contest Competition, Debating Competition, Short Story Competition, Academic writing seminar, English Journalism Workshop, and Charity Concert. The participants who joined today’s event were all students of English Education Department.


It was opened by the Head of the English Education Department, Dr. Dewa Putu Ramendra, S.Pd., M.Pd. After that, held Speech Contest Competition phase 1 and Debating competition phase 1. Then, there was a performance from David (King EED 2016) and Mitha (Queen EED 2015) that made the audiences very impressed. Then, the next agenda were Debating Competition phase 2 with the big three and Speech Contest Competition phase 2 with the top five. The participants of each competition have shown their best to compete with other participants. The winners of the competitions will be announced in Charity Concert which is held on October 29th, 2016. Hopefully that all of the participants will get the best result. For all of EED’s students, thank you for the attendance today.

EED, Bravo !

Oct 12

Farewell party for Mr. Asril


Dr. Asril Marjohan, M.A. is a lecturer who has served for decades in English Education Department. He is a humble, polite and commanding person. But, he didn’t teach regularly at English Education Department, because administratively he was retired or ‘purnatugas’. Therefore, English Education Department held a farewell party for Mr Asril on Monday, October 3rd, 2016 . The event was held at Warung Subak, Temukus, and it was attended by most of the lecturer of English  Education Department. In this event, the colleagues of Mr Asril did many things such as played a video about the impression and messages from students to Mr Asril, sing a song with the title ‘terimakasihku’ to Mr Asril, submission of impressions and messages from the head of English Education Department, submission of impressions and messages from Mr Asril during teaching at English Education Department, handover of souvenir in the form of a ring as a memento to Mr Asril, took a picture and also ate together. At the end of the event,  Mr Asril also invited to play parasailing for one round. Mr. Asril said he was happy and flattered by the events that were specially prepared for him. Congratulations Mr. Asril because now you’ve entered the ‘purnatugas’. Enjoy the day with your family, enjoy the morning, enjoy life, enjoy the results of your struggle. We will continue all the good things you have done. Forgive us if we’ve made the mistakes for you. Wish us to become better and better.

Oct 09

EED’s Basketball Team Friendly Match



This afternoon would be a strain afternoon for EED. The Basketball team of EED have done a friendly match against Accountancy Department which is held as the series of Accountancy Department Anniversary. The match that took place at GOR Buana Patra Singaraja was successful in creating a hot atmosphere between both teams. Since the first stage, both teams have given some responsive attack. They did a hard work to give score for the team. EED’s team has done a great performance during the match by scoring 38 points. But unfortunately, EED’s team has to admit the power of the opponent.The final score showed that Accountancy Department won by score 46-38. The EED’s player said that they were unlucky in this match. Although they have shown their best, they could only get less. Even so, EED’s team kept showing their sportsmanship by appreciating the match. Keep your spirit up team !

Sep 25

EED Goes to Beach #2


Hello good people! On Saturday, The 24th of September 2016, was held an event which is called “EED Goes to the Beach #2″. This event is organised by Students’ Association of English Education Department and followed by the freshmen and some lecturers. The purpose of this event is to clean the beach up in order to create a good situation and make the beach clean again. The event which took place at Lingga Beach, Singaraja began at 03.00 p.m. The students first gathered at campus then together went to the place of the event. Through this event, students hope that the society will be aware of the environment, especially the beach. So, keep up our awareness,keep the beach stay clean!

20160924_154612  20160924_154733

Sep 19

Friendship Day of English Education Department 2016


On tuesday, the 30th of August 2016, Student Association of English Education Department held Friendship Day 2016 at Tri Yudha Sakti Monument, Sangket, Buleleng. The theme of this event was HEROES which stood for “Hail To The Eagerness And Respectability Of EED Students”. The participants who joined Friendship Day 2016 were 255 freshmen and they were divided into several groups, such as the Black Panther, Ant-man, Thor, Hulk, Iron man, Hawkey, Black Widow, Spiderman, Vision, and Deadpool. This event was opened by the Head of the English Education Department, Dr. Dewa Putu Ramendra, S.Pd., M.Pd. with releasing balloons. Friendship Day is an annual event to welcome new students of English Education Department. There were groups performance from each groups, meet your lecturer session, English quiz, sharing session, Outbound, and also the election of King and Queen EED 2016 that was won by I Made David Garcia Sasmita as the King and Dewa Ayu Ogik Vira Juspita Banjar as the Queen. Congratulation for the new King and Queen EED 2016. At the end, there was a committee dance performance that made the atmosphere very festive and the new students also enjoyed the event.

Sep 05

Orientation of College Life in English Education Department

okk jurusan

Orientation of College Life, English Education Department is held on August 19, 2016 in Kampus Bawah Undiksha. The Orientation of the department which becomes a part of University Orientation was conducted by the Students’ Association of English Education Department. The department orientation was followed by all the 255 new students of English Education Department. This orientation was divided into two periods. The first period was held in the morning, started at 5.30 a.m. in front of the open stage of Kampus Bawah Undiksha. After the self-preparation checking process was done, the new students went to the Theatre Room to follow the next agenda.

The orientation was opened officially by the head of the department, Dr. Dewa Putu Ramendra, S.Pd., M.Pd.. Beside him, several lecturers also came to the opening ceremony of the department orientation. In his speech, Mr. Ramendra emphasized that the orientation must run in a good way. There must be no bullying in the orientation, but the new students also must be responsible of their obligation during orientation process. There are some agendas in the first period. After the opening ceremony, there were general lecture from the head of the department and some lecturers about English Education Department, lecturers introduction, a lecture from POKJA KIM UNDIKSHA about PKM, and a choir session with UKM Paduan Suara Bahana Suara Ganesha. All of the new students were so excited in the first period of department orientation.
In the second period, the department orientation was continued by Introduction from the members of Student Association of English Education Department. In this session, new students looked so interested because they are able to know all the members of student association. After that, there are explanation about how to process KRS and KHS for the new student and showing videos about events from Students’ Association of English Education Department. There were no sad or bad faces from the new students of English Education Department because the department orientation made they could feel something different and it is useful to know more information about their department. In the end of the period, there was a performance from the committees. They were singing EED anthem that entertained all new students.

For all new students, welcome to English Education Department.

Aug 25

Pembimbing Akademik Mahasiswa Prodi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris Semester Ganjil T.A. 2016/2017

Dear Mahasiswa EED,

Silahkan mengecek pembimbing akademik semester ganjil Prodi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris T.A. 2016/2017. Terima kasih.

Klik di sini PEMBIMBING AKADEMIK T.A. 2016-2017



Aug 24


Selamat sore mahasiswa EED,

Berikut kami informasikan pembagian kelas mahasiswa baru Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris T.A. 2016/2017. Terima kasih.



Silahkan klik di sini MAHASISWA BARU EED

Aug 07

Jadwal Perkuliahan Semester Ganjil 2016/2017 Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris

Dear Mahasiswa EED,

Jadwal perkuliahan semester ganjil 2016/2017 sudah dapat didownload paďa berkas yang telah terlampir. Terima kasih.



Klik disini JADWAL GANJIL 2016 2017_0708_upload

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