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Proposal and Thesis

Thesis and Proposal

Kindly read and download all information here. Lecturers and students MUST read the documents and prepare everything provided in the links. Only come to the department if you have issues to clarify. Thank you.

Persyaratan Pengajuan Proposal Skripsi


Prosedur Pembahasan Proposal


Prosedur Seminar Proposal


Prosedur Pembimbingan Skripsi


Prosedur Ujian Skripsi


Referencing the Right Way

Kindly click this link to read more about this matter. Best.


Bogus Journals


In response to obtaining well-accredited journals, we provide you some links to read:

Pardon for the image. But this one shows that even ‘that kind article’ was quickly accepted in a predatory journal, meaning that there was no qualified peer-review involved. Read more of this matter here. Kindly read all. Hopefully, a better academic culture will be established. Thank you.


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  1. Nova

    Good Evening EED. . .
    It is a good way to inform the newest information since most of the students getting confused in dealing with administration.. by uploading the files, it will help us a lot in recieving the information and sharing it to others..
    Thank you..

    1. EED Undiksha

      A pleasure. This must have been done years ago. Something good actually doesn’t always have to be difficult.

  2. lokita

    Good Job pak Hery.
    we need people on IT years ago. Now we have one

    1. EED Undiksha

      It’s not about IT or not IT. It’s a team work and all about willingness and integrity. We need more now.

  3. Wisnu Saputra

    Thanks for the admin. Thats such an easy way to get all of the requirements.

    1. EED Undiksha

      Our pleasure Wisnu.

  4. Bapak Aris

    thank you very useful article greetings from Kampung Pare

    1. EED Undiksha

      Thank you

  5. Luh Putu Artini

    You are doing great as the head of EED, pak Hery. Surely we’ll be accredited ‘A’ if the university doing similarly.

    1. EED Undiksha

      Thank Ibu Artini. All staff are working very hard hand in hand for the betterment of the department.

  1. Membenahi Sistem Administrasi EED » English Education Department

    […] Proposal and Thesis […]

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