Oct 27

A Story from Uncle Ho’s Country

The story came from Quy Nhơn, a coastal city and the capital of Bình Định Province, Vietnam. To be more precised, it was from 7th Annual International Conference on TESOL 2016. The event was about a formal meeting of several people in order to share their research in TESOL. The event was organized by SEAMEO RETRAC Vietnam, Curtin University, and Quy Nhon University. The event was held on 11th until 13th August 2016. There were 3 students of EED attended the conference. They were divided into 2 teams. The first team was I Gede Bagus Wisnu Bayu Temaja (8B) (recently graduated) and the second team, consisted of Ni Putu Intan Permatasari (7B) and Ni Made Mas Arianti (7A). They were invited in order to present their ‘mini research’ that they had done. They were the only representatives from Indonesia. The presenters of this conference were come from many countries, such as: Australia, England, New Zealand, The Philippines, USA, etc.
Here, they would like to share and encourage youth to participate in an international event in order to get experience and perspective for the better. (Wisnu, Intan, & Dek Mas).
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