Oct 09

EED’s Basketball Team Friendly Match



This afternoon would be a strain afternoon for EED. The Basketball team of EED have done a friendly match against Accountancy Department which is held as the series of Accountancy Department Anniversary. The match that took place at GOR Buana Patra Singaraja was successful in creating a hot atmosphere between both teams. Since the first stage, both teams have given some responsive attack. They did a hard work to give score for the team. EED’s team has done a great performance during the match by scoring 38 points. But unfortunately, EED’s team has to admit the power of the opponent.The final score showed that Accountancy Department won by score 46-38. The EED’s player said that they were unlucky in this match. Although they have shown their best, they could only get less. Even so, EED’s team kept showing their sportsmanship by appreciating the match. Keep your spirit up team !

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