Jul 29

A Visit from Ibu Jennifer Uhler, RELO, U.S. Embassy to EED


On Tuesday, 28 July 2015, EED had a visit from Ibu Jennifer Uhler, Director of Regional English Language Office (RELO), U.S. Embassy. RELO contacted EED as Ibu Jen planned to visit Ganesha University of Education during her stay in Bali, before departing to Dili.

We talked a lot of issues, primarily on building potential collaborations between the University, represented by the department and RELO. Potential collaboration may include, having English Fellow for 10 months for free (with conditions, check here: http://jakarta.usembassy.gov/relo/fellow.html), keynote talks, programs like Access (http://jakarta.usembassy.gov/relo/access.html), E-Teacher (http://jakarta.usembassy.gov/relo/e-teacher.html), and English Language Specialist Program (http://jakarta.usembassy.gov/relo/specialist.html).

Ibu Jen also delivered a Professional Development to EED lecturers on Professional growth. We learned a lot! Her slide can be accessed here: Professional Growth.

There are a lot of potentials and opportunities offered. A well-established institution like Undiksha surely should not miss these. Certainly, it will need a strong commitment from decision makers to make good things happen.

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    terimakasih untuk bloog inisangat membantu sekali good job

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