Jul 03

Putu Irmayanti Wiyasa: Becoming the First Bali Representative in the Youth Exchange to India

Irma (second row, third from right) is with PCMI Family

Irma (second row from top, third from right) is with PCMI Family

Personally, I think that being an ordinary person yet always dreaming to meet people around the world is not always easy. Sometimes, I think that it will be in vain or just a waste of time. Contrarily, I believe that meeting people, befriending them and maintaining that relationship are my passion. Through this event, Pertukaran Pemuda Antar Negara held by Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia (PCMI Bali), I learned so many things, including networking with many good positive people.

The competition was held in 3 days with different kinds of test for each day. After passing the administration selection, I had an interview test in Dinas Pendidikan Pemuda dan Olahraga Provinsi Bali. During the interview process, I met many inspiring youths coming from various regions in Bali. At that time, I was feeling so down since the interview process was completely hard. However, I kept bearing it in mind that process and experience would be the best results of this event.

On the next day, we had a personality test and leaderless group discussion (LGD). Beside having a test, we were also given very useful information from Dinas Pariwisata, Dinas Kebudayaan and insights on religious perspectives by a lecturer from UNHI as well. Even though I am originally from Bali, I still need to learn different perspectives from the local context.

On the last day, we had a public speaking test. In the public speaking test, we were given a topic related to recent issues. Additionally, after having the public speaking test, we had a sharing time with alumni from each program in PCMI Bali. The program that I followed – a Youth Exchange to India – was never been conducted in Bali before. Therefore, this is the first time there is a representative from Bali.

During the competition, I felt so blessed yet nervous since there were 5 people who took the same program selection as mine and I needed to compete with them. There was even a participant from Jakarta to join this competition. Finally, I was elected to be the representative of the program that I followed. Everything that I had passed, the test and meeting new family, were the best things that I could get. Thank you for the chance to learn again and be one of inspiring Indonesian youths. (Putu Irmayanti Wiyasa)


  1. Motif

    tulisan yang menginspirasi dan saya sangat mengaguminya apa yang telah anda sampaikan, semoga anda terus memberikan ide ide yang baru buat kita semua dan salam sukses selalu buat anda!

  2. Latanya

    terima kasih telah menyajikan sesuatu yang terbaik, dan ini memberikan ide buat kita semua sebuah pelajaran agar kita selalu belajar dari seseorang meskipun orang itu tidak kita kenal, dan sukses selalu buat anda yang telah menginspirasi kita semua!

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