Ganesha English Competition – Social Gathering 2017

GECO 2017

Ganesha English Competition 2017


Ganesha English Competition (GECo) is an annual English competition which is conducted by English Education Department of Ganesha University of Education (UNDIKSHA). The competition is conducted to accommodate the students, especially for junior high school students in Bali province to use the knowledge and English competence that is gained through learning in the school. This event is held by way of educative, creative, contextual activities, and value of the character.

Due to the objectives of the event, rounds of the competition is designed which concerned about the use of the all of the language aspects (vocabulary and grammar) and the proficiencies (listening, reading, writing, speaking). Those will be packed in the form of activity which is able to activate the three aspects of the competency (cognitive, psychomotor, and affective).

There are the abilities which will be examined in this competition, as follows.

  1. The ability of team work in telling an English story in form of Mini Drama with regard to intonation, pronunciation, fluency, expression, and teamwork
  2. The ability of team work in identifying the written and oral information in English, expressing the information in English in the form of written and oral that involve the vocabulary mastery and grammar precisely, responsive, and good teamwork.
  3. The ability of teamwork to team up in answering the questions orally which is involving the four abilities of English such as proficiency vocabulary, grammar, and general knowledge.

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Syarat dan Ketentuan GECo 2017